Hospitality matters because it has heart.
People are the heart of hospitality

Hospitality is a people business and it matters because it has heart. Heart of Hospitality celebrates the moments and lives of people who make this industry so special – our Heartists®, the world of hospitality and beyond, curated by Accor.

Those who work in the industry do so for many reasons, most commonly because they simply like people. They care about the craft, the experience and the service because it matters. It matters to our guests and therefore it matters to us.

Hospitality is the epitome of diversity, bringing together people from all backgrounds, from all walks of life, from all over the world. It is an industry full of passionate, creative and talented people some of whom have worked in the industry their entire life, others who fell into the sector and fell in love with it. Whatever their background, their stories are connected by their talent, love and care for what they do.

Here we celebrate their work, their stories, their heart.

Meet our Heartists® and people from the industry
Heart of Hospitality Stories & Podcast

It’s not a job, it’s a way of life, it is in our DNA.

Vanessa van der Vaart, General Manager at Novotel Den Haag City Centre
People who work in hospitality are custodians of experiences – we are the host of moments that matter and creator of future memories. We take this responsibility to heart and treat it with care because it matters.

The Heart of Hospitality Podcast is hosted by Duncan O’Rourke, CEO Northern Europe at Accor, a globally renowned hotelier with stories from around the world thanks to his career in hospitality. Seduced by the glamour of the hotels, restaurants and travel at a young age, Duncan studied hospitality management in Switzerland before travelling the globe, each role taking him to a new country, a new experience and new people, each sharing his passion, talent and heart.

In this series, Duncan shares his stories and speaks with people from across the industry, some well-known, others known just to the guests they serve. Listen to the podcast as he gives voice to the people who are the true heart of hospitality.

Duncan O'Rourke

CEO Accor Northern Europe & Host Heart of Hospitality Podcast