Hospitality matters because it has heart.
Heart of Hospitality Podcast

The Heart of Hospitality podcast spotlights the people and stories of the sector. Hosted by Duncan O’Rourke, CEO Accor Northern Europe, the podcast series tells the stories of moments and lives in hospitality.

Heart of Hospitality Stories

The hospitality sector is renowned for stories of global leaders who started behind a bar or welcoming guests in hotels. It is a sector built on stories – stories of people; of special occasions and long dreamed of trips; of moments that created memories which last a life-time.

Heart of Hosptality Careers

The hospitality industry has been damaged by Covid-19 but it is recovering, reopening and creating jobs and opportunities as it has always done. Hospitality embodies everything that people have missed the most in the last year.

Heart of Hospitality - Alevtina Lesnykh

Welcome to hospitality.

Hospitality embodies everything that people have missed the most in the last year – travel, bars, restaurants, wellness, experiences, exploration, discovery, connections and, most crucially, people – everything that has mattered most to people is in hospitality.

Hospitality is a business of people, passion, creativity, experience and talent. It is a sector responsible for crafting special moments that people the country and world over have longed for in the last 18 months. It is a sector built on infinite connected moments crafted by people for people. It is a people business and here we will tell the story of some of the people who make it so special.

Hospitality is defined as the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers. It is defined by people and heart and the care they put into the big moments and the little details. No two days, two people or two moments are the same, it is all unique and personal and that’s why it’s so special.

Heart of Hospitality is dedicated to the 1 in 10 people that work in hospitality business around the world; to the people who share their care, creativity and heart in the hospitality industry every day. Here are some of their stories.

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Heart of Hospitality Podcast & Stories
  • Emmy Stoel

    General Manager, Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam - Netherlands

  • Anna Jeziorowska

    Operations Manager, ibis Styles & ibis budget Warszawa Centrum - Poland

  • Raphael Urbani

    Shared Services Project Manager Talent & Culture - United Kingdom

  • Wojciech Kawulka

    Guest Experience and Loyalty Performance Analyst - Poland

  • Elena Caraus

    Assistant General Manager, ibis London City Shoreditch - United Kingdom

  • MPS Puri

    Gastronomy & The Glamour of Hospitality

  • Dave Amans

    General Manager, ibis Budget Sheffield Centre - United Kingdom

  • Anahita Ardvisura

    HOTEL MANAGER, Mercure Rosa Khutor - Russia

  • Giacchina Buchholz

    General Manager, ibis Stuttgart Airport Messe - Germany

  • Christian Klaus

    General Manager, SO/ Vienna - Austria

  • Anouk Schrover

    ALL Hotel Activation Manager for UK, Ireland, Benelux & Sweden - The Netherlands

  • Heart of Hospitality - Maciej Majewski
    Maciej Majewski

    Epicurean Lifestyle: In Conversation with Chefs

  • Filip Boyen