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Moments and lives in Hospitality
Heart of Hospitality Stories

The hospitality sector is renowned for stories of global leaders who started behind a bar or welcoming guests in hotels. It is a sector built on stories – stories of people; of special occasions and long dreamed of trips; of moments that created memories which last a life-time. People are the most important part of our industry; the talents and the guests. It is people who care; who connect; who create experiences; who create memories; who look at their business and think ‘how can I help?’ or ‘how can I do more?’.

People are the heart and soul of hospitality, and here are some of their stories.

Looking for even more stories? Be sure to check out the Heart of Hospitality Podcast which spotlights the people and stories of the sector. Hosted by Duncan O’Rourke, CEO Accor Northern Europe, the podcast series will tell the stories of moments and lives in hospitality.